Based off a Dice Rolling Fantasy Board Game designed by Scott Mayo, Dragon Hunters takes you on an adventure with over 30 different monsters to battle!

Race against your friends and family deep through dungeons while gaining Items, Strength, and Levels. The player has the option to choose between a Fighter, Thief, Cleric, or Wizard. Retrieve magic gems and equip them to increase your Strength and Armor! Find and defeat Guardians to gain access to different Levels as you search for the Fire Dragon! Use gold at the Inn to purchase items or Level Up. The first player to defeat the Dragon wins!

Dragon Hunters currently offers Local Multi-Player with Keyboard/Mouse and full controller support, up to four players. Each player is allowed a turn which involves Rolling for Movement, Battling Monsters, and Drawing Item Cards. The player has access to their Utility Belt which carries potions and items. They also have an inventory where they can imbue magic gems and view their character abilities.