Nearly three centuries have passed since the Great War on Mil Darohm, the last greatest dwarven stronghold buried deep within the northern mountains. On a tragic night, the dark elves of Kogumi led an all out strike against the legendary Stone Dwarves.

Thousands upon thousands of black dragons and dark elves relentlessly beat upon the magnificent stone walls that were built by the finest craftmanship across the Primal Realms.

With very old and thought to be forgotten magic, the Kogumi tore through the ranks of the Stone Dwarves using stealth and deception with profound uncanny prowess.

Through the dark rituals and ancient incantations spoken from the necromancers, the fallen dwarves’ souls were brought back from the Halls of Odenar..Only this time to serve the Kogumi…The Great Battle ensued into the very heart of Mil Darohm. As the death toll rose, the dwarves became vastly outnumbered against the creatures of death.

With no hope in sight, King Thrandarlum called upon the mighty hammer of Dundumir, God of Justice.

From the ethereal dimensions of time, the heavens split apart with a thunderous roar raining down fire and brimstone.

The mountain shook and rumbled..the ground tore apart destroying the very foundation of the legendary stronghold. With one final judgement from the heavens, Mil Dahrom crumbled in upon itself in an absolute cataclysm. Leaving both the warriors of dark and the soldiers of light, buried beneath the ruins. Rumors quickly spread across the Primal Lands that the the cataclysm has ended the war, leaving both the greedy dwarves and the merciless assassins buried deep beneath the stones of Mil Darohm.As time passes, the thought of dark elves and stone dwarves soon faded from the minds of the people. All believed that both races ceased to exist on that very dark and tragic night….